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Alien Facehugger Popper Target

Here’s a fun project I had in mind for a long time and finally got around to.  It’s an Aliens facehugger that jumps out an egg when it is shot.  Follow that link for a full writeup!

optimized facehugger popper vid

New use for the Clay Clip: Zombie Heads

Just a quick couple pics showing how mixing and matching target stuff at the range can be fun.

I was using some paper grocery bags cut up as as silhouette targets (see here for a good YouTube video showing how) and I realized I could use a couple Clay Clips to hang clay pigeons as “heads” to turn them into zombies!

paper bag zombies prep  paper bag silhouettes and c-c heads

The Clay Clip is a product I officially launched in late 2012 / early 2013.  You can read more about it here.

WingOne Clay Pigeon Hand Thrower Is Worth Every Cent


When I first came across the WingOne hand thrower for clay pigeons I was interested, but it cost 3-4x the cost of the hand thrower I already owned.  It took trying one out personally for me to finally buy one – and my only regret is that I didn’t buy one earlier.

Check out the manufacturer’s site for videos and more explanation than I can give effectively here, but I can tell you that it really does work well and performance and ease of use is miles better in every way than the usual plastic one-piece throwers.

This is short and sweet: if you enjoy shooting clays and have a use for a hand thrower – get a WingOne and you won’t be sorry.

Target Hangers ready!

02 2013-02-04 13.02.42

Whew, it took longer than I expected but the Clay Clip target hangers I mentioned in a previous update are all set to go, and the online store is all set!

And there’s more news: I also now have BIODEGRADABLE Clay Clips available – the small fragments broken clips can leave behind are now 100% biodegradable!

Awesome new Clay Pigeon Target Hangers

(Full disclosure: I am talking about something I developed myself in this post)

Clay pigeons make great reactive targets (even for airguns), but holding them up or hanging them has always been a pain.  They are made to be thrown from a launcher and resist being used for much else.  Too bad, since they are GREAT for target practice of all kinds, even with air guns of almost any power level.  Well, I have good news!  Please welcome …


Hearing Protection News from SHOT

While I was at SHOT I had a nice chat with a few places regarding hearing protection. There did not seem to be much that was entirely new, but I got some interesting insight into what seems like the best (and also the most expensive) option for hearing impaired shooters who cannot afford to become “deaf” as a result of taking out any assistive devices like hearing aids and replacing them with hearing protection.

Sport Ear ( had the best offering I had seen in a long time. I had known about the company and product but didn’t realize just what they were offering.

They sell what looks like hearing aids. They are marketed towards e.g. hunters as hearing enhancers. Now, I know that normal hearing aids are not hearing protection, so I asked for more details. The Sport Ear units also hearing protection. They function much like active hearing protection (with volume cutoff) but the custom molded inserts are also fully-qualified hearing protection.

It is entirely possible for the Sport Ear units to be selected and programmed to act as a medical hearing aid, as well as to serve as hearing protection. The company makes medical hearing aids as well, so it helped me feel confident they know what they are doing.

This is pretty much the bee’s knees as far as shooting hearing protection goes for the hearing impaired! Sadly, this all comes at a price: costs are comparable to those involved with hearing aids from audiologists – for me, that means as much as a very nice used car.

I’d have to think long and hard about when I’d be ready to spend that kind of money for the supreme comfort it would offer. But the search for the top end is over for now.

Until then, I’ll have to manage with Sordin Supreme Pro-X units with gel cups over top of my Vigo Pro hearing aids. They are the only solution so far that fit reasonably comfortably and allow me to hear what’s going on enough to function normally, while still providing hearing protection.

2013 SHOT Show is coming up

SHOT show 2013 is coming up and I’m aiming to put up all the related news I can score up!  I am applying for show credentials and aim to bring all the related coverage I can!

I have a special interest in products that are friendly to the hearing impaired (like myself).  Hearing issues cause a surprising number of headaches on the range. (Hearing range commands, start beeps, etc.)

SHOT is the largest related industry show of the year, and is a wonderful opportunity to see what’s new and network with other people in the industry.  Stay tuned!

Action Shooting and Hearing Protection for the Hearing Impaired

I am severely hearing impaired and without my high-powered hearing aids, I am nearly deaf.  This caused me some problems when I got into 3-gun this past year because a big part of action shooting is being able to hear not only the start beep but also range commands.  (And yes, in case you are wondering, I DO still need to wear hearing protection.)

After a lot of work and trial and error, I found something that worked.  The MSA Sordin Supreme Pro fit the bill, but for a different reason than I expected.  I originally purchased it because the volume goes the highest, but this was still not enough to allow me to function normally without my hearing aids – they weren’t loud enough.  However, they WERE able to very comfortably fit over my hearing aids.  With the added ear gel padding pack, they were comfortable as they were going to get.

They still get hot and kind of uncomfortable, but they allow me to compete normally.

Steel Challenge Target Set available from BAM Airsoft

Earlier I wrote about Steel Challenge and how it was a great idea for effective indoor play with airsoft, especially how the efficient setup and use of space was a great match.

I discovered that BAM Airsoft has a Steel Challenge scaled target set!  It’s like they read my mind.

I have been shooting indoors a lot lately with airguns so these things are really appealing to me right now.

Dual Gun Camera Test

I recently stepped up my participation in some local 3-gun.  I tested attaching a dual-camera device intended for a car to my AR.  One camera is pointed back at me and the other towards the muzzle.  It’s interesting to see both at once.

Here’s the result, I wonder if I’m onto something?

Gun Cam live fire test 1 from Mister Sinewave on Vimeo.