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Hand Signals Defined

I made this page up for fun one day, who’d have guessed it would become the most popular page on the whole site? I’ve spotted it copied in several places, usually loaded with popups and stamped with someone else’s URL.

Welcome to the Internet!

Hand Signals

I think I saw something

Did you mean me? (Confirmation requested)

Looks clear – no need to be quiet.

Speak Up

I’m having a hard time seeing very far without my glasses.

Aim for the ass

I can’t reach this pocket (assistance requested)

I have been shot (fingers indicate approximate size of hole)

I have a gun malfunction (repeat gesture for “…again!” to indicate frustration)

This is my stop

Shut up a second

My battery died

Jesus Christ They’re Shooting At Us

Be quiet for once in your god-damned lives, already

I need more ammo



Bearded Thug





Weak heart; do not use taser due to risk of lawsuit

Boyish, hairless male

I want team A to take up flanking positions and lay down covering fire for team B who will be moving up using bounding overwatch in order to lay down a beaten zone until my signal at which point fire will converge upon the objective

We’ll wing it

Shit, I think he was on our side

He’ll be out in a minute

I missed because my sights are off

Sorry, my fault

My (fogged-up) goggles need a wipe

I brought the wrong ammo again

Here is what I think of your plan

Those bastards don’t have a chance

Those bastards may have a chance

We don’t have a chance

You first

There’s no way I’m going in there

We’re out of here

Remain in front of me where it is safe

Are there two teams, or what?

This gear is heavy, my lower back could use a massage

Some History
The pictures were originally scanned years ago from “GO GO GO” magazine, volume 1.

A translation from Chinese was done by a fellow I knew from the UCAC (now long gone). He posted the original web page – which is also long gone – with “real” text (meaning the real signal meanings).

I decided those were too boring, and made this much better version instead. Over the years I have modified a few of the captions to make them, in my opinion at least, more amusing. As a result, when I see copies floating around I can usually date them depending on slight changes in the wording of some of the captions.

Recently (Feb 2008) I even read a comment from someone claiming THIS page was a copy, and someone’s copy was the original! Ah, the Internet.