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We’ve Created A Monster Game Scenario

The play area is a Lab Complex in which an effort to create a super-soldier has gone horribly wrong and has instead CREATED A MONSTER.One player is THE MONSTER.

The other players are the lab’s SECURITY FORCES, or INSANE SCIENTISTS who have armed themselves by looting the weapons cache.


The object of the game for the MONSTER is to get as many “kills” as possible before being destroyed or running out of ammo. The MONSTER may not be shot except with the EXPERIMENTAL WEAPON. The MONSTER may shoot anyone.

The object of the game for the SECURITY FORCES is to find the EXPERIMENTAL WEAPON (hidden somewhere in the lab) and use it to DESTROY the MONSTER as soon as possible (ie to minimize casualties). SECURITY FORCES are able to re-enter play once eliminated (see rules). The SECURITY FORCES want to MINIMIZE the points gathered by both the MONSTER and the INSANE SCIENTISTS.

The object of the game for the INSANE SCIENTISTS is to eliminate the SECURITY FORCES and not get eliminated themselves. They may not re-enter play once eliminated. They gather points for eliminating SECURITY GUARDS and help protect the MONSTER.


An experiment gone horribly wrong has created a MONSTER bent on killing, killing, killing!

The lab’s SECURITY FORCES must destroy the monster. But there’s a catch – the monster may only be destroyed by the special EXPERIMENTAL WEAPON hidden somewhere in the lab. The SECURITY FORCES must find it first, then use it on the MONSTER.

To make matters worse, the creation of the monster has driven the scientists INSANE. The INSANE SCIENTISTS are now dangerous maniacs who have looted the weapons cache and will attack the SECURITY FORCES to protect the MONSTER they have created! Madness!


4-14 people total (or more depending on play area size)


  • THE MONSTER (1 player)
  • INSANE SCIENTISTS (not more than 2 for every 3-4 SECURITY GUARDS)
  • SECURITY FORCES (remaining players are all SECURITY GUARDS).


  • THE MONSTER: any weapons, maximum 2000 rounds total
  • INSANE SCIENTISTS: any weapons, 500 rounds total each player.
  • SECURITY FORCES: any weapons, any ammo – may also resupply when “killed” (see RULES)


  • One MONSTER IDENTIFIER (examples: monster mask, headband, armband, glowstick on helmet, etc)
  • SECURITY FORCES team identifiers (example: armbands)
  • INSANE SCIENTIST identifiers (examples: lab coats, dust masks, caps, etc.)
  • The EXPERIMENTAL WEAPON – a springer (or any other gun) with a bright ribbon tied to it.
  • One SCORECARD per “dead area” – Once eliminated, players make a mark on the card (keeps track of monster’s kills)


Any play area suitable for CQB (close quarter battle) will suffice – preferably with more than one entrance into the play area from the outside.

There should be a “Dead Area” just outside the play area. Eliminated SECURITY FORCES will go here, make a a mark on the scorecard (marking one kill for the monster) and re-enter play as a reinforcement after a 30-second delay. They may re-enter the play area from any available entrance.

INSANE SCIENTISTS may not re-enter play once eliminated (though they _do_ mark their elimination on the scorecard).

SECURITY GUARDS may re-supply any ammunition, etc at the DEAD AREA – but only when eliminated.

There is no time limit to this game. It ends when the MONSTER is destroyed, or when the monster runs out of Ammo and can no longer gain points by shooting players.

1. The EXPERIMENTAL WEAPON is given to a random INSANE SCIENTIST. That player places the EXPERIMENTAL WEAPON inside the play area secretly and remains in the play area.

The EXPERIMENTAL WEAPON may not be placed in a room with a single entrance/exit. The player should not reveal the location of the EXPERIMENTAL WEAPON to other players.

The EXPERIMENTAL WEAPON may be concealed when hidden (placed behind something, in a drawer/cupboard, etc) but may not be buried, tossed into an inaccessible place, etc.

No one but the SECURITY FORCES may touch or move the EXPERIMENTAL WEAPON from now on, though anyone is free to look for it if they wish.

If a SECURITY GUARD is eliminated while holding the EXPERIMENTAL WEAPON, it is placed on the ground and the player heads to the DEAD AREA.

2. The MONSTER and the remaining INSANE SCIENTISTS have 30 seconds to enter the play area and position themselves anywhere they wish.

3. After those 30 seconds, the start of the game is signaled and the SECURITY FORCES enter the play area from any entrance.

If a SECURITY GUARD is eliminated, they proceed to the DEAD AREA, make a single mark on the SCORECARD, and may re-supply and re-enter play through any entrance as a reinforcement after a 30 second “dead time” wait in the DEAD AREA. INSANE SCIENTISTS may NOT re-enter play once eliminated, though they _do_ mark their elimination on the SCORECARD.

4. No one may shoot the MONSTER, except a SECURITY GUARD with the EXPERIMENTAL WEAPON. In game terms, the MONSTER is immune to everything but the EXPERIMENTAL WEAPON.

INSANE SCIENTISTS may shoot anyone but the MONSTER (yes, they may even shoot each other).


SECURITY FORCES only may shoot the MONSTER, and only with the EXPERIMENTAL WEAPON.

Play ends when the MONSTER is shot with the EXPERIMENTAL WEAPON, or the MONSTER runs out of ammo (and can no longer gather points).


Ideally, everyone should get a chance to play the MONSTER. The person who gets the most points as the MONSTER wins! (And the person who gets the most points as an INSANE SCIENTIST is the best maniac). Points are allocated as follows:

MONSTER eliminates a player (SECURITY GUARD or INSANE SCIENTIST) : 1 point per “kill”
INSANE SCIENTIST eliminates a SECURITY GUARD : 1 point per “kill”

As you can see, the only player who really gathers points is the MONSTER. Since the SECURITY GUARDS re-enter play as reinforcements when eliminated, the MONSTER has plenty of targets.

The INSANE SCIENTISTS can also gather points, but as they do not re-enter play as reinforcements, they are mostly used to “mix it up” and are good roles for “lone gunman” type players. Note that the MONSTER is perfectly able to shoot INSANE SCIENTISTS for those last few points.

The goal for the SECURITY GUARDS is to minimize casualties by finding the EXPERIMENTAL WEAPON and destroying the MONSTER as soon as possible to minimize the MONSTER’s points.


(in any well designed game , all elements “even out”) The INSANE SCIENTISTS help prolong the game and help protect the MONSTER, but they also effectively “steal” a point from the MONSTER for every kill they make.

The SECURITY FORCES will eventually find the EXPERIMENTAL WEAPON and destroy the MONSTER, but the longer they take the more opportunity there is for the MONSTER to rack up points.

The MONSTER may find the EXPERIMENTAL WEAPON and “camp” on it, but if that happens the MONSTER will minimize his or her own points. (The INSANE SCIENTISTS will get all the kills in the meantime.) See OPTIONS below if you’d like to negate the “camping” effect altogether.

Worst case, the MONSTER will eventually run out of Ammunition and then be easy pickings for the SECURITY FORCES. (The game is therefore declared over when the MONSTER is out of ammo)


Consider playing with 2 EXPERIMENTAL WEAPONS (placed by two different INSANE SCIENTISTS), making it impossible for the MONSTER to “camp” on it.

This can be done to negate the effect of some play areas (or some players) that may make camping a viable tactic. You can also play the game in a night or dark setting. All SECURITY FORCES must use flashlights on their weapons and may not turn them off. INSANE SCIENTISTS and the MONSTER may slink around in the darkness. You may play without the INSANE SCIENTISTS, in which case a neutral non-player should place the EXPERIMENTAL WEAPON at the start of the game. This makes for an overall shorter game with fewer elements for a more “pure” MONSTER score rating.

It is also less fun overall since the SECURITY FORCES have no one to shoot (except for shooting the MONSTER with the EXPERIMENTAL WEAPON) and the MONSTER gets all the fun. The EXPERIMENTAL WEAPON is at it’s best effect when the gun used is spectacular in some way.

For example, the gun may be fitted with a laser sight and/or tracer unit for added effect and clarity of use/shot origins when fired. Or the gun used can be a grenade laucher unit of some kind (essentially a BB shotgun) so it is noticeably different in looks and effect from the other guns in play.

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  1. Site Operator wrote:

    While the Monster can’t be killed except by the experimental weapon, the monster can still be driven away by shooting him. No one likes being hammered with BBs, after all. Just make sure the Monster has sufficient safety gear (like a facemask, maybe).

    Tuesday, November 20, 2007 at 9:44 am | Permalink
  2. Archived Comment wrote:

    Hi from the UK,

    Me and my friends spent about 4 hours playing your scenario (and slight variations of it) yesterday – we started off with only four people, but found it improved quite drastically when you have a monster, two insane scientists and 4 security guards [Editor: That’s a good idea – I have modified the original recommended team member numbers to reflect this. Thanks for the report!], as the mix up in a small area is hilarious – friendly fire, an accidental shot which turns out to be the best shot of the afternoon and while the monster was strolling happily along with with the MP5K blasting at full auto, he got taken out by a non-hop-up air cocking berretta!”

    Tuesday, November 20, 2007 at 9:45 am | Permalink
  3. Archived Comment wrote:

    First off thats one of the funnest games I’ve every played. me and my friends played for at least 6 hours. here’s our game:

    1.the monster was not allowed to run, if caught running he lost points.
    2.instead of scientists, we had terroists vs monster vs guards. the terrorists want the monster for themselves and the guards want it dead.
    Guards need to find the weapon; terrorists need to find a tranq. for the monster. Optionally you can make it harder for the guards by making them have to build the weapon i.e. more than one part.
    3.guards and terrorists respawn. seprate dead-zones.
    5.more guards then terrorists.
    6.terrorists need to tranq and get the monster out to a dead-zone.(monster can walk or be dragged, draging not recommended)
    7.guards need to kill monster
    8.(option)the EX weapon was a cheap blowgun we found at a kmart. that was pretty funny when the guards found a blowgun with a peice of paper saying “We told you it was experimental.” on it.

    We played 3 terroist, 5 guards, 1 monster. it was a blast.

    Tuesday, November 20, 2007 at 9:46 am | Permalink