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Home-made IR Scope and Gun Camera

This is the “Borgscope” (version 0.2).

It was an earnest attempt to make a home-made night vision scope with infrared aiming laser that included a microphone and audio/video transmitter to send the audio/video live feed to a camcorder, and also had a computer-controlled active display with moving/movable sighting reticle.

The problem wasn’t that it didn’t work, because it certainly did. I just realized at the end that this large, heavy, feature-rich thing was a solution looking for a problem.

While using an (invisible) infrared aiming laser has some obvious advantages, especially at night, this video-scope was about much more than just letting me see an invisible laser through my scope. One of the primary goals was to have the scope send audio and video wirelessly to a recorder in, say, a rucksack. I think that sooner or later everyone goes through a “gun camera” phase.

The main problem (among others) with this is that a gun is not normally pointed anywhere very interesting. So unless you’re staging something (like shooting a video) it’s not very useful. And besides – who’s going to edit all this video and yank out the interesting parts, if there are any? I don’t know about you, but I’m lucky if I’m energetic enough to download and categorize the stills from a camera – let alone edit video.

That leaves it useful (?) as a scope or possibly night vision. A real scope is more effective and lighter, and as night vision it’s only useful in a niche and not otherwise worth hauling around.

When I use an infrared laser sight I made, the otherwise invisible (to the naked eye) IR beam shows up like a sunspot through the scope. But that’s not safe or allowed on fields. But it’s sort of interesting.

Maybe I should rename my site to Impractical Airsoft instead! Anyway, here are some pictures of the build process that might give you an idea of just how monstrous this thing was.