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Modifying an APS2 to take G3 Magazines

The APS2 is a great bolt-action Airsoft rifle with 25 round magazines that fit in the forward part of the stock. I attempted to make a conversion for the APS2 to accept G3 magazines. This would allow the APS2 to essentially use a Hi-cap magazine (although it was still a bolt-action, of course).

Unfortunately, I was unable to achieve this goal. I did indeed finish converting the stock of the APS2 to accept a G3 magwell, and I even made a feed system to send the BBs from the G3 magazine into the chamber of the APS2.

However, the magwell for the G3 magazine is in front of the trigger (the only place it looks right) and the APS2 actually feeds BBs quite far forward. In fact, in the end I realized that I needed to send the BBs from the G3’s magazine up, then about 90 degrees forward, then over about 3-4 inches, then 90 degrees upward again and into the chamber.

That’s quite a daunting task. While I did come up with a feed system that seemed to work as best as it could (BBs traveled through a flexible metal tube made from a spring) it was too unreliable at best. BBs needed to be pushed with too much force to make it through that roller coaster (the magazine couldn’t push hard enough) and they were prone to getting hung up along the way. In the end, I went back to the original APS2 magazines.

However, I really was pleased with the looks of the G3 magwell and magazine in the APS2. I decided to leave it in.

It doesn’t do anything, but I like it that way – so this wasn’t a total failure. It’s kept the G3 magwell ever since.