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Airsoft Innovations Propane Adapter Review

This is a review of the adapter sold by Airsoft Innovations. It is a special made custom adapter that mates to any industry standard portable propane cylinder to allow you to fill GBB magazines with propane. It even has a couple useful little additional features.

Disclosure: I would like to disclose up front that I am reviewing a product that was invented by a friend of mine. But in a very real sense that’s a plus, because I can attest to his talent and the fact that he takes great pride in his work. This isn’t some overseas knockoff or monkey-metal hackjob!


The beauty of it is that you already do.

In a nutshell, Green Gas is Propane. It’s propane with some perfume and silicone added. That’s it. It’s not SIMILAR to propane, or JUST LIKE propane. It IS propane. And this little adapter allows you to fill your gas guns with it straight from those small portable propane cylinders for camp stoves or propane torches.

If you would like more detailed information, head over to Airsoft Innovations and check out the extremely detailed information they have available. Please check for yourself, but they’ve certainly convinced me. I’ve been using nothing but propane in my gas guns for a long time now.

The only difference I have noticed is that I am richer (paying 3$ per big cylinder of propane instead of 30$ for a little can of Green Gas) and I feel much safer. Green gas cans are nowhere near as robust as propane cylinders, so I feel much safer about carrying one in my gear next to my kidneys on a hot day. Arnie’s Airsoft had a nice little bit about a green gas can that exploded in the covered back of a truck on a hot day, puncturing the canopy. The worst that would happen with a propane cylinder is the gas would vent out the safety valve (a feature not present on green gas cans).

Again, if you would like more detailed information, head over to Airsoft Innovations and check out the info they have online.


In the package, you get:
– A manual
– Four Adapter parts (fitting, washer, spring, probe)

Some small amount of assembly is required. Just follow the manual’s directions and you’ll be fine. In my kit, the washer was sitting inside the fitting, so if you appear to be missing a washer you probably aren’t.


The adapter has a neat feature – the probe can be popped on and off. When it is inserted into the fitting on the tank, a small amount of pressure locks it in place. It can be removed by pulling upwards. It doesn’t seem likely to fall out by itself.

This is handy for two reasons (one of which the manual mentions): first of all, you can put one or two drops of silicone oil (I use “Team Associated 100% Pure Silicone Shock Oil” from a hobby store – get the thinnest you can get) inside the fitting down where the valve is, then insert the nozzle/probe. This will mix the silicone with the propane that goes into the magazine.

It’s also handy because it allows you to quickly and easily remove the probe so it doesn’t accidentally get pushed when you pack the can somewhere (either accidentally releasing propane, or damaging the probe).

The down side is that it’s one more piece that could possibly be lost in the field, truck, or whatever. I’m a little paranoid of losing the probe, so I tied a short length of wire to the bottom of the probe (which sports a handy collar) and tying the other end to the can under the fitting. Now I can pop the probe off and let it dangle without worry, as well as locate it easily when it’s time to put it back on.


– Nice workmanship, simple design, easy to assemble and use.
– Gas now costs 3$/can instead of 30$/can.
– Nice long nozzle fills even mags with deeply recessed fill valves (like the KSC M11 magazines) no problem.
– Allows for adding silicone oil to the gas injection.
– Can remove the nozzle without removing the whole adapter (to prevent accidental leakage or damage).


– Removing nozzle could result in loss (unless you attach it like I did above)
– Propane cans are big and don’t fit in gear easily – but then again neither do Green Gas cans.


Honestly, if you shoot gas guns at all you can’t afford NOT to get one of these! They’re more than reasonably priced, and allow you to cut your gas costs to about one-tenth or one-twelfth.

The only major down side is no fault of the adapter – it’s just the fact that propane cylinders are bulky. But in order to be able to spend 3$ (no shipping) on a can of gas instead of 30$ (plus shipping), I can live with it!

Airsoft Innovations is the place to go if you want to buy one or want more information.

This is a propane tank (used for portable propane torches) with the adapter installed pictured with two other Green Gas cans. You can also use the shorter and fatter propane tanks commonly used with portable barbeques.