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Spies and Mercs

If you’re interested in new and different ways to structure games, the concepts outlined here are really pretty interesting. It’s really worth a look.

In a nutshell, it’s similar to using Airsoft to simulate something like what you’d see in a “Splinter Cell” multiplayer game.

The “Spies” travel light and have objectives to complete – things like stealing certain items, etc.  The Spies are nimble, quick, and elusive.  They are lightly armed and outnumbered, and must rely on those advantages.  Those very advantages are conferred primarily by handicapping the “Mercs” in clever ways.

The “Mercs” wear tinted (dark) goggles, heavy backpacks, and hearing protection.   They therefore usually need to shout to communicate with other Mercs, and need to use flashlights to see.  They don’t see as well, hear as well, or move as easily as the Spies.

Visit Spies Vs Mercs – the whole website seems a little less than fully functional, but there is enough there to tell you what you need to know.

If such things interest you it might be worth your while to also take a look at a couple of projects: the Stealth-Action Laser Tripwire and the Stealth-Action Motion Sensor. (In other words, Hollywood-Style security systems.)