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Trigger Master AEG Fire Control Units – Now Available!

NOTE: This page refers to Trigger Masters sold before September 15th, 2008. For units purchased after that date, visit the Products and Support page or the Online Store.

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100% assembled and serviced in Canada. Custom programming for custom features available. We ship internationally!

The Trigger Master is the best way to get effective 3-round burst functionality from your AEG! And it’s capable of much, much more – fully computer controller fire control for your AEG is a reality!

The devices many of you have all come know and drool over from are being produced (with permission) right here in Canada, although we will of course ship anywhere. The Trigger Master is 100% compatible with the SW-COMPUTER, and have additional options and configurations available.

Why would I want one of these?

    Because you want 3-round burst capability (or any of the variety of other modes)
    Because you want a platform for making and trying out new modifications (see our tutorial)
    Because you want to get the most out of your batteries
    Because your local laws require guns to be semi-auto only (e.g. New Zealand)
    Because you want to try something exciting and new

Who would NOT want one of these?

    Anyone who figures that if their gun’s not broke, don’t fix it! 😉

What Is This?
This is an add-on accessory that, once installed into your AEG, provides the following features:
3-round burst which becomes full-auto if the trigger is held down.
• Full computer controlled MOSFET driving of AEG motor, with active braking.
• Overcurrent protection (the unit can safely replace the AEG fuse)
• Ease of installation (the unit is the same size as a standard fuse holder)
• Full PWM motor control to maintain a constant performance, and reduce motor and drive train stress.
• Firing modes, burst timing, and rate-of-fire are all programmable by the user.
• Thermal protection (temperature monitoring, notification of user of overtemperature condition)
• Over- and under-voltage protection and warning.
• Open sourced hardware and software design allowing modification and upgrades if you so wish.
• Custom programming and features are available right here from Unconventional-Airsoft!

Support and Detailed Technical Information is available HERE.


Q: Is it hard to install?
A: Some installation examples (and other info) is on the Support page. Take a look and see for yourself what is involved.

Q: Is it OK to use my Li-Po batteries with the Trigger Master?
A: Yes, absolutely! But because Li-Po batteries are sensitive to overdischarge (more so than NiCD or NiMH) you should stop firing as soon as practical once you get the Low Battery Warning from your Trigger Master (“Low Battery” is 1 vibration felt after you shoot). In other words, with NiCD or NiMH you can safely keep shooting until the gun just stops working, but with Li-Po you should stop when you get the “Low Battery” warning, or you risk overdischarging your cells.

The only other reminder is that you remember to follow the best practice of disconnecting the battery from the gun when it is not in use. The Trigger Master draws a small amount of power while connected, and over time this could lead to over-discharging your battery (and Li-Po is very sensitive to over-discharging). If you are interested in extra serious monitoring and protection for your Li-Po pack, check out this add-on board which is compatible with the Trigger Master.

The Trigger Master (and its parent product, the SW-COMPUTER from is open source. This means that the hardware and software design is free of charge for you to make and modify your own – with the condition that any modifications you make are also made freely available. The original design for the SW-COMPUTER is available from The modifications and design specifications for the Trigger Master are available here.

However – the Trigger Master brand, development, and support provided by Unconventional-Airsoft are not free for you to copy and re-use. If you make your own units based on the specs provided, that’s great! But you cannot call them “Trigger Masters”, and you can’t expect me to provide the support, warranty work, or ongoing development for them.

Buy Now at the Unconventional-Airsoft Store!