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Trigger Master AK Installation Example

Install example
This is some information on installing a Trigger Master into a Tokyo Marui AK-47. (Technically, a version 3 gearbox.)

First, here is a refresher on the installation theory. You want to turn this:
Stock mechbox wiring diagram
into this:
Trigger Master wiring diagram

The Trigger Master has 3 pairs of wires we need to connect up. They are labeled “TO BATTERY”, “TO MOTOR”, and “TO TRIGGER”.

Warning: If you don’t feel comfortable disassembling your gun and rewiring it, you should find someone who does instead of trying this yourself.

Fortunately the AK is pretty straightforward. There is no need to open the gearbox, for one thing! The wires we need are all exposed. This is the left side of the stock gearbox:
AK Normal wiring

Here is what we need to do – just modify (and replace, as necessary) the stock wires so that the Trigger Master’s “To Trigger” wires go to the two trigger contacts on the left (near the nozzle) and the “To Motor” wires from the Trigger Master connect to the motor.

The blurred wiring in the image is not used. We only want to connect direct to the trigger and the motor.
AK wiring mods required

Once completed and reassembled, it may look something like this (ready to put the stock back on):
AK wiring done

I would also recommend installing connectors so that you can install/remove the entire assembly easily. (A connector pack for just this purpose is sold as an optional add-on in the store):
Optional Connectors