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New Sniper/DM Focused Trigger Master

I have been busy with development, and want to thank everyone who has been interested in the Trigger Master!

I want to share what’s been on my drawing board. It won’t appeal to everyone, but I wanted to give something a little special to those of us who prefer to use guns in a Sniper/DM role.

This new piece of hardware is called the Sniper/DM Inline Trigger Master Model.

Sniper/DM Inline Trigger Master

Sniper/DM Inline Trigger Master

It looks just like a Trigger Master, except it has fewer wires.

It has a lot of useful functions typical to all versions of the Trigger Master (Active Braking, voltage monitoring, overcurrent protection, etc.) but what sets it apart is the following:

  1. No need to alter your fire selector or disable fullauto on your Sniper AEG!
  2. Inline model sits between the battery and a normal AEG.  No rewiring of the mechbox!
  3. Unit is literally plug-and-play!
  4. The unit forces a 1-second delay between shots in semi-auto.
  5. Full-auto is still full-auto, but with a Rate-of-Fire of only 1 round per second.

Now as mentioned, I fully expect that this is not for everyone but I do think it will appeal to some in the Sniper/DM role with electric guns.  You don’t need to do ANY permanent modifications to your gun, you don’t need to modify your fire selector, and you can reverse it at any time just by unplugging it!

Why did I bother?

For one thing, I think the current “Semi-only” requirement for electric sniper guns doesn’t go quite far enough to justify allowing higher FPS limits for them.  Also I like the idea of no rewiring and no fire selector modifying!  (i.e. to disable fullauto)

But I have the feeling that for anyone who feels the same way I’m just preaching to the choir.  Anyone out there have any comments to share?  I have enabled comments on this article, so if you want to add your two cents, comment away!

And of course, if you’re interested in buying one just let me know!  (Use the contact form at the bottom of that page.)

(Note:  Comments are moderated because I get 20-40 spam comments per day, so expect a slight delay between commenting and seeing it show up.)

One Comment

  1. Austin wrote:

    I think thats a great idea, I hate having to modify my selector switch (SL8) or the tappet plate. For example, if it locks up I have to take the whole gun apart to get it working again.

    Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 2:03 pm | Permalink