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Dual-trigger Trigger Master wiring

Two-switch wiring for Trigger Master

I have recently been asked about using the Trigger Master to implement a “dual trigger” system, such as could be used in a custom trigger setup to get functionality similar to a P90 (where pulling the trigger shoots in SEMI, and pulling it further back fires in FULL) or an MG34 (where the top part of the large trigger shoots in SEMI, and pulling the bottom of the trigger fires in FULL.)

Here is how to wire the Trigger Master so that pulling the trigger fires in SEMI and a separate switch activates FULL.

The following graphic demonstrates how to wire a Trigger Master with what is basically two switches (or two triggers).  One for firing in SEMI-AUTO and one for firing in FULL-AUTO.

Two-switch wiring for Trigger Master

Two-switch example wiring for Trigger Master (click to enlarge)

All that is needed besides this is to make sure to put the Trigger Master into “Normal” mode (i.e. disable the 3-round burst functionality in the advanced configuration.  Unless you want the 3-round burst function in your autofire – it won’t hurt anything.)

Then it would be possible, for example, to install the “fullauto” button or switch behind the normal trigger so that pulling it back all the way presses the “Fullauto” button.  In this way, pulling the trigger would fire in SEMI and pulling it all the way back (which presses the additional button) would fire in FULLAUTO.

So there you go – example dual-trigger system wiring for all you custom gun makers!  Just add a switch or button in parallel to the trigger wiring, put the selector on SEMI, and you’re set.