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The IZSC (Internet Zombie Shooting Competition)

Over at Airsoft Canada (and now also Arnie’s Airsoft forums) I had – in the Halloween spirit – started the first annual IZSC (Internet Zombie Shooting Competition)! I think it was a fun success. Here’s how it worked.

If you have an Airsoft pistol, a printer, and somewhere to safely shoot, you are ready!
The rules are simple and intended to be played with others on an online forum.  Half the fun is seeing other peoples’ results and self-portraits!  (Bonus points are awarded for posting a self-portrait made in MS Paint, and posting pictures of your targets.)

The Setting
Alone, cornered, and armed only with a pistol you are facing an oncoming wave of zombies!

You must kill them as quickly as possible so you can escape before MORE arrive! You will engage zombies at 100m, 75m, 50m, and 25m on specially-scaled targets. Your objective? Kill all zombies as quickly as possible to escape. Shoot too poorly, and you will die.

This game is intended to be shot with a pistol. You may use a rifle if you must and take a -50 point penalty (see end of post for scoring.)

The Game
You will shoot at specially-scaled targets which are mounted at a range of 2.5m (8 feet) away. They are sized to simulate targets appearing at various ranges.

There are (up to) 4 stages: 100m, 75m, 50m, and 25m.

For every zombie NOT KILLED on a stage, you face TWO zombies on the next stage. (The commotion and noise attracts more zombies.)

You win if at any time you have killed all zombies facing you. What do you win? Attention on the Internet!

How to Play
Link to a web-based 20 second countdown if you don’t have a kitchen timer or something.

  1. Begin by printing out the first stage (5 zombies at 100m). Hang it up 2.5m away from you.
  2. You have 10 rounds and 20 seconds (this is true for every stage). Shoot until out of ammo, or time is up.
  3. Check your hits. If the BB hole touches ANY part of the zombie’s head – even just the edge – that’s a hit. (We’re counting whole-head hits, not just the brain.)
  4. For EACH zombie not killed in the stage, you will put up TWO zombies on the next stage (the next closer range.)
  5. Continue in this fashion with 10 shots and 20 seconds per stage until one of the following occurs:
    1. You have at any point killed all zombies facing you (you win!)
    2. At any point, you are facing more than 20 zombies (you are overwhelmed)
    3. Any zombies remain after shooting at 25m (you are overrun)

How to Score Your Results

Post your results in the following format:

  • Stage 1 (100m) Zombies Faced/Killed
  • Stage 2 (75m) Zombies Faced/Killed
  • Stage 3 (50m) Zombies Faced/Killed
  • Stage 4 (25m) Zombies Faced/Killed
  • Did you ESCAPE or were you OVERRUN/OVERWHELMED?
  • Post a digital image of AT LEAST THE FINAL stage you shot at.


How to calculate score: 100 – (unhit in stage 1) – (unhit in stage 2) – (unhit in stage 3) – (unhit in stage 4)
Add +1 bonus point if you post images of ALL your targets.
Add +1 bonus point if you post a picture of the gun you used.
Add +1 bonus point if you accompany your post with an MS Paint self-portrait of you fighting the zombies.
-50 Points for using a Rifle.


(+1 bonus point for MS Paint self-portrait)

I shot with a KJW Mk1. Beastly trigger pull on these bastards!

Stage 1 Zombies faced/killed: 5/2 (3 left alive)
Stage 2 Zombies faced/killed: 6/4 (2 left alive)
Stage 3 Zombies faced/killed: 4/3 (1 left alive)
Stage 4 Zombies faced/killed: 2/2 (Killed them all, and not a moment too soon!)

ESCAPED (killed all at stage 4)

Final score: 98

100-3-2-1-0 = 95 (plus 3 bonus points, one each for image of each target, image of gun, and MS Paint self-portrait)

(+1 bonus point for pictures of all targets – not just the last one.)

Feel free to use the targets and game format for your own version.  Have fun, and happy Halloween!