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Airsoft Innovations Distraction Device Kit Review (Add-on for the TORNADO Gas Grenade)

Airsoft Innovations has released a new product since we reviewed the TORNADO gas grenade. The new product is the Distraction Device Kit, which is an add-on to the TORNADO. It can be purchased online from Airsoft Innovations’ store at

What it Is

The DD kit is an add-on that converts your gas grenade into a device that goes “BANG!” instead of shooting a spray of BBs.  (To convert the grenade back to the normal BB-shooting mode, the add-on is removed.)

DD Kit Video from Airsoft Innovations

How it Works

The kit consists mainly of an additional part you insert into the TORNADO – it’s a specially-made insert that changes how the gas flows when the grenade goes off.  Instead of gas blowing BBs out from the casing, the gas pushes against a mylar burst disk (a clear plastic sticker) until it ruptures.   When it breaks, you get a BANG!  The kit comes with 50 burst disks (uses one per bang) and extras are available.  With replacement disks at $4.95 for 50, the TORNADO costs about 10 cents per bang.

For full details on how the DD kit works and is installed, you can check out the video from Airsoft Innovations.

How it Sounds

The manufacturer’s site states the following sound levels have been measured for the sound output of a TORNADO with the DD kit installed.  All measurements were taken from 3′ away:

  • 119 dB – Measured with gas exit pointing direct to sound meter
  • 112 dB – Gas exit pointing to the side
  • 110.9 dB – Gas exit pointing away

It’s very difficult to give an accurate idea of the sound level in a video or other recording because microphones don’t hear the same way your ears do.  Also, sudden and loud sounds will be automatically dampened by most equipment.

I tested my grenade by tossing it halfway into my garage from the doorway, then listening to the bang.  Entirely subjective, but it should be reasonably representative of typical use.

I tested things out a few times and came to the same conclusions:  The bang is easily loud enough to notice, absolutely no problem there.  From where I stood at the doorway, it is not loud enough to make my ears ring, nor is it loud enough to make me worried about it.  It’s a nice crack/bang sound – not mushy at all.  It would be louder the closer you are to it when it goes off.

In short: Nice bang.  Loud enough to make you notice.  Not loud enough to be any kind of safety concern.

I tried doubling-up the burst disks, just to see what would happen.  The double-sticker seemed a little louder when it went off, but the stickers didn’t rupture.  They just popped out.  I don’t think I’d bother trying to double them for a louder bang, but if you like you can experiment with it.

Suggested Uses

You can use the grenade to simlulate a Frag (but without the spray of BBs) if you like – just have everyone in the same room as a detonated grenade declare themselves dead.  (This can be useful if you don’t want to pollute the area with a spray of 180 BBs from a TORNADO every time a grenade goes off.)

Alternately you can use the DD kit to simulate a flashbang.  Everyone in a room where a grenade goes off closes their eyes and is “stunned” for a count of 3.


If you already own a TORNADO, this is an easy way to add flexibility to your grenade.

The DD Kit is economical, simple, and effective.  It’s easy to install, easy to remove, and makes a nice bang when it goes off.   If you think you have a use for a re-usable grenade that gives you cheap bangs, give it a look.