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Trigger Master MOSFET price change, and new option!

Sadly, due to the continued price rise of parts, there is no choice but to increase the price of the Trigger Master computerized MOSFET. This increase was announced March 8 2010 and went into effect today, March 31. Prices of several key parts have actually been up for some time now — the MOSFET units just plain cost more to build (and have for a while now.)

BUT there are two additional options now to help offset this increase! Can you download a couple PDF files? Then why not save a couple bucks, and download and print your own manuals instead?

You can now order the Trigger Master MOSFET in a “print your own manuals” version. The product is exactly the same – but it just doesn’t have a printed product label and manual booklet included.

We don’t have to print anything (you download the manual and reference sheet instead) and you can save a couple bucks in return!

Click here for the Trigger Master MOSFET unit (full retail package with printed manual)
Click here for the Trigger Master MOSFET in a $$-saving “download and print your own manual” version!

Also a NEW wire and connector bundle is now available as well. It swaps the Dean’s style connector for some spade connector pairs instead – allowing you to make semi-permanent (and small) connections between wires if you need to (Dean’s style plugs are still available separately of course.) It is also cheaper – so order the print-your-own manuals version of the Trigger Master along with the new wire and connector kit and save!