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New Anti-Lockup Unit coming soon!

When in semi-auto, we have all encountered the dreaded “semi lockup” problem. This happens when the firing cycle and gears are JUST in the wrong place after a shot, and the trigger is disabled — locked out.

It is fixed by putting the gun into AUTO and pulling the trigger briefly. But if your gun is locked in semi-auto or full auto is disabled, you’re kind of shafted. 🙁

Luckily the new Anti-Lockup Unit is an economical and effective means of fixing this! It works just like a forward assist – it “bumps” the motor and gears JUST ENOUGH to get past any lockup and instantly fix the problem. It does not otherwise interfere with the firing, and cannot be used to fire in fullauto.

It is compatible with stock-wired AEGs or MOSFET-enabled AEGs!

Coming soon! Stay tuned!