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MOSFET and Store Announcement

All MOSFET units are sold out, and I am working on another job that leaves me no time to continue producing MOSFET units as before, so I do not have a scheduled re-stock.  I have had a tremendous time developing and producing hundreds of MOSFET units for players all around the world, thank you all for your interest and willingness to take your equipment to the next level!  But my ability to supply units has come to an end for now.

But you can still buy the Trigger Master MOSFET with all the features you have come to know!

From now on until announced otherwise, if you’d like a Trigger Master MOSFET unit, please follow these directions to order from either or from 3Oneairsoft:

Go to and order a CHEETAH-2N and have them put my program/features on it as a special order. Terry is the owner of extreme-fire and we know each other; they have a copy of my program and can do it as a special order for you!(Alternately you can also email Mike at – he will also do a special order for you!)

(Terry designed the original electronics used in the Trigger Master: my units are made here in Canada and have different features, but we both use the same hardware. I can’t fill your order right now but Terry can by special request, so I’m sending you to him!)

If you’d like to ask anything about it first, here is their contact page.

So if you want to order from them as a special order:

  1. Go here for the product – this is what you want:
  2. VERY IMPORTANT!! Put a note to Terry (the guy who runs the site) on your order form – ask him to put Don’s “Trigger Master” program on the CPU instead as a special order. Terry will help you out.

You will get a MOSFET unit that is made by Terry but has the Trigger Master’s features. Terry can do this no problem as a special order as long as you ask for it.

Thank you and play safe!