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SIRT AR bolt quick review; and SIRT training pistol not allowed into Canada

Always interested in how I could better train indoors, I attempted to order the SIRT AR Bolt and SIRT pistol from Next Level Training.  Unfortunately I was deeply disappointed to learn that CBSA is not allowing the SIRT pistol into Canada.  However, I was able to purchase a SIRT AR Bolt.

The unit installs into an AR upper by completely replacing the BCG.  I had a bit of trouble installing it, but it got done.  I had no trouble zeroing it.  The trigger linkage parts (which allow the actual trigger in your AR to trigger the laser in the unit) is a little weird and a bit clunky, but works.  The trigger feels good and it resets well when “firing”.

I found it most useful for training target transitions, especially practising compensating for sight offset at close ranges.  Obviously with no recoil the possibilities are not endless, but the trigger reset and feedback on where the shot would actually land is miles better than just dry firing.

It’s a pity I can’t get my hands on a SIRT Pistol; I’m sure I’d get good use out of one.