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Steel Challenge with Airguns

Now that the winter is rolled in, it’s time to move indoors. IPSC or IDPA with airsoft indoors is a great way to keep shooting if the weather is terrible, but setting up stages can be a bit of a hassle.

Consider running a Steel Challenge instead! Steel Challenge, if you haven’t heard of it, requires only 5 targets including one stop plate. The typical airsoft stop plate and timer is all you need (except for 4 other plates.)

I got into Steel Challenge this past year and instantly enjoyed it.  I fire a Glock 17.  Of course, I immediately wanted to try to scale it down and move it indoors with airguns.

Steel Challenge is simple and straightforward and tests two things, and two things only: Speed and Accuracy.

Here’s how it works:

  1. At the start beep, the shooter shoots each target once.  The stop plate is engaged last.
  2. If one or more plates is not hit, that’s +5 seconds per plate not hit.  If the STOP plate is not hit, your score is 30 seconds.
  3. You do this 5 times.  The worst time out of the five is thrown out.
  4. The remaining times are added up.  This is your score.

That’s it.  It’s about as simple as can be for setup and management.  Minimal equipment.  All firing is in the same direction so easy cleanup.  Give it a try!  Google “Steel Challenge” for the official details and stages, or make your own up.  You’ll probably like it.