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Awesome new Clay Pigeon Target Hangers

(Full disclosure: I am talking about something I developed myself in this post)

Clay pigeons make great reactive targets (even for airguns), but holding them up or hanging them has always been a pain.  They are made to be thrown from a launcher and resist being used for much else.  Too bad, since they are GREAT for target practice of all kinds, even with air guns of almost any power level.  Well, I have good news!  Please welcome …

A little over a year ago I developed a new kind of target hanger to work with clay pigeons.    Over the next year I refined the design.  Everyone who saw it wanted some, and now I’m happy to say anyone can have them!

Here is what they looked like in the beginning:

And here is what they look like now:

Here is what they look like when they are used:

You might wonder how exactly the heck they are used.  It’s simple!


I just launched the website a short while ago and I just now launched the online store!    Right now only bulk and wholesale are available, but that will be changing in the coming weeks.  I’ll announce any new developments as they happen!