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Category Archives: Failures

Failed Projects or Concepts

The 2$ Tactical Hearing Amplifier

I repackaged two “super-ear” hearing amplifiers into a pair of hearing protectors to allow for stereo amplified hearing in a form factor usable in the bush. Unfortunately it both worked better and worse than I hoped.

Modifying an APS2 to take G3 Magazines

The APS2 is a great bolt-action Airsoft rifle with 25 round magazines that fit in the forward part of the stock. I attempted to make a conversion for the APS2 to accept G3 magazines. This would allow the APS2 to essentially use a Hi-cap magazine (although it was still a bolt-action, of course).

Home-made IR Scope and Gun Camera

This is the “Borgscope” (version 0.2). It was an earnest attempt to make a home-made night vision scope with infrared aiming laser that included a microphone and audio/video transmitter to send the audio/video live feed to a camcorder, and also had a computer-controlled active display with moving/movable sighting reticle.

Upgrading an EBB to Death

RIP EBB (Electric Blowback) This bundle of parts in a body bag is the end result of all the upgrades and tampering I did to a Desert Eagle EBB. It’s all snapped housings and popped gears now. At least the motor still works.

Custom Gas Gun

This is a failed attempt to create a gas rifle prototype from a cheaply available paintball gun. Unfortunately it has a number of serious drawbacks, and in the end it just didn’t work out.