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Information relating to guns or equipment

Action Shooting and Hearing Protection for the Hearing Impaired

I am severely hearing impaired and without my high-powered hearing aids, I am nearly deaf.  This caused me some problems when I got into 3-gun this past year because a big part of action shooting is being able to hear not only the start beep but also range commands.  (And yes, in case you are […]

How to Make a Basic MOSFET Switch

I sometimes get asked about basic (non-computerized) MOSFET switches. Here is how to make a basic one. If you have at least basic soldering and electronic skills, you should be able to put one together without too much trouble.

A Case for Using .12g BBs in Close Quarters

Many people transition to sidearms when getting into close quarters, since most guns nowadays shoot pretty hot. Now, other people bring up the fact that doing it for safety’s sake is a little weird since modern gas pistols actually shoot at least as hard as most electric rifles nowadays. We all know that .12g BBs […]

Simulated 30 Round Magazines

A Trigger Master is modded to fire only 30 rounds from a magazine before requiring a mag change to “reload”. With this mod, a couple highcaps can simulate an endless number of 30-round magazines! As an added feature, the gun will not fire unless a mag is inserted, and tactical reloads (reloading before a mag […]

Some Trigger Master Advanced Configuration Tricks

Two things are demonstrated here: using the Trigger Master to reduce RoF (motor speed), and make 2-round bursts (instead of the default 3-round burst).

Simulated AEG Jamming

This is just for fun – I simulated AEG Jamming by installing a switch and modifying the programming in a Trigger Master.

Trigger Master AK Installation Example

This is some information on installing a Trigger Master into a Tokyo Marui AK-47. (Technically, a version 3 gearbox.)

Trigger Master M4 Installation Example

This is an example of installation into a Tokyo Marui M4. (Technically, a front-wired Version 2 mechbox) Your installation doesn’t have to be the same as this – this is an example. Feel free to make your own approach and use your own method.

Tutorial: How to Develop for the Trigger Master

The Trigger Master is not just for giving your AEG 3-round bursts! It does a lot more than that under the hood, and it’s capable of even more. It’s a fully computer controlled electronic fire control system for your AEG which has capabilities miles beyond the dumb switch your gun comes with. This tutorial will […]

How To Tie a Shemagh (headscarf)

Ever wonder how to tie a shemagh properly? The shemagh is a useful piece of clothing for outdoors use in both hot and cold weather. It finds its way into gear as well, so you might as well learn how to tie it!