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Information relating to guns or equipment

Dragunovs, and Dragunov Rifles in Airsoft

I know of only three ways to get yourself a Dragunov in Airsoft: the G&P version, the PDI version, and making one from a conversion kit and an AK-47. Depending on your particular pickiness, your choices may drop to two, or even none. (UPDATE: Actually you can also get the AtoZ Spring SVD.)

Glock 18C High Power Kit Installation and Review

Got one of these? Want to keep it looking just like this? Then you should probably navigate away from this page. Otherwise, if you’re truly determined – then click onwards for the upgrade kit guide and review.

KSC M11A1 Review Add-On

First of all, I will not be reviewing this piece in the normal way. It’s a popular and oft-reviewed gun and I don’t need to repeat what’s already out there. Instead, I’ll focus on information to be taken in addition to the rest of the reviews out there. This article gets into issues that don’t […]

KWA/KSC Glock 18C Review and Technical Info

A full and honest review of my first GBB – the KWA Glock 18C with upgraded metal slide.

Hand Signals Defined

I made this page up for fun one day, who’d have guessed it would become the most popular page on the whole site? I’ve spotted it copied in several places, usually loaded with popups and stamped with someone else’s URL. Welcome to the Internet!

BB Quality Example

What is the difference between cheap and high-quality BBs? There can be quite a bit when you look up close. Here is a sample of a Marui 0.20g BB and a no-name brand. Judge for yourself.