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Links to other projects out there

The RFID Skull (or: How to Play HALO Multiplayer in Real Life)

Here is a link to The RFID Skull Project, which is a custom made skull that lets you play an Airsoft version of HALO’s multiplayer game “Oddball”.  Players compete to possess the skull, which identifies the player holding it via an RFID tag.  The Skull tracks how long it is held (players drop it once […]

Tutorial: How to Develop for the Trigger Master

The Trigger Master is not just for giving your AEG 3-round bursts! It does a lot more than that under the hood, and it’s capable of even more. It’s a fully computer controlled electronic fire control system for your AEG which has capabilities miles beyond the dumb switch your gun comes with. This tutorial will […]

Wii AK-47 Mod

This isn’t Airsoft related, except for the fact that a cheap airsoft AK was used as the housing for the AK. The video pretty much shows/explains it all.

Spies and Mercs

If you’re interested in new and different ways to structure games, the concepts outlined here are really pretty interesting. It’s really worth a look.

Sonic Grenades

These Sonic Grenades have some potential; not only do they emit a loud alarm sound which is hard to miss, but they also blink and “chirp” every minute afterwards so you don’t lose them in the field. No one wants their expensive toy to get lost in the undergrowth after a good throw, after all.

MilesTag – DIY Laser Tag System

Normally I wouldn’t post up something like this which is entirely non-Airsoft, but it’s cool enough to warrant mention for those of you out who entertain the delusion that there is more to outdoor shooting games than Airsoft. Take a look at MILESTAG – the Do-It-Yourself laser tag system (uses no lasers).

PVC Tac Light

This is a project for an LED Tactical light made from PVC. You can spend a lot of dough on real tac lights, or you can do it yourself for much cheaper.