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New use for the Clay Clip: Zombie Heads

Just a quick couple pics showing how mixing and matching target stuff at the range can be fun. I was using some paper grocery bags cut up as as silhouette targets (see here for a good YouTube video showing how) and I realized I could use a couple Clay Clips to hang clay pigeons as […]

Target Hangers ready!

Whew, it took longer than I expected but the Clay Clip target hangers I mentioned in a previous update are all set to go, and the online store is all set! And there’s more news: I also now have BIODEGRADABLE Clay Clips available – the small fragments broken clips can leave behind are now 100% […]

Awesome new Clay Pigeon Target Hangers

(Full disclosure: I am talking about something I developed myself in this post) Clay pigeons make great reactive targets (even for airguns), but holding them up or hanging them has always been a pain.  They are made to be thrown from a launcher and resist being used for much else.  Too bad, since they are […]

SIRT AR bolt quick review; and SIRT training pistol not allowed into Canada

Always interested in how I could better train indoors, I attempted to order the SIRT AR Bolt and SIRT pistol from Next Level Training.  Unfortunately I was deeply disappointed to learn that CBSA is not allowing the SIRT pistol into Canada.  However, I was able to purchase a SIRT AR Bolt. The unit installs into […]

MOSFET and Store Announcement

All MOSFET units are sold out, and I am working on another job that leaves me no time to continue producing MOSFET units as before, so I do not have a scheduled re-stock.  I have had a tremendous time developing and producing hundreds of MOSFET units for players all around the world, thank you all […]

Alternate Ordering for Trigger Master MOSFET units!

Want one of our MOSFET units but we’re out of stock and you can’t wait? Good news!  Go HERE for instructions on how to order one of my units as a special order from someone who really knows their stuff!

Anti-lockup Forward Assist unit now available!

It’s out! Check it out online!

New Anti-Lockup Unit coming soon!

When in semi-auto, we have all encountered the dreaded “semi lockup” problem. This happens when the firing cycle and gears are JUST in the wrong place after a shot, and the trigger is disabled — locked out. It is fixed by putting the gun into AUTO and pulling the trigger briefly. But if your gun […]

New product announcements!

Whoa! Check it all out! Not in stock at the moment, but ETA is mid to late May 2010! Plug-and-Play MOSFET Add-ons: Magazine Sensor Unit Kit Sniper Lock-in Unit and a new form factor for the Trigger Master Mark III: Trigger Master Mark III “Flat” MOSFET

New product in the store!

There is a new category: Other Stuff! We now carry some simple Paracord Bracelet kits! Every kit comes with everything you need, including detailed instructions with lots of pictures. Only 5$ each!