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Airsoft Projects

Alien Facehugger Popper Target

Here’s a fun project I had in mind for a long time and finally got around to.  It’s an Aliens facehugger that jumps out an egg when it is shot.  Follow that link for a full writeup!

New use for the Clay Clip: Zombie Heads

Just a quick couple pics showing how mixing and matching target stuff at the range can be fun. I was using some paper grocery bags cut up as as silhouette targets (see here for a good YouTube video showing how) and I realized I could use a couple Clay Clips to hang clay pigeons as […]

Dual Gun Camera Test

I recently stepped up my participation in some local 3-gun.  I tested attaching a dual-camera device intended for a car to my AR.  One camera is pointed back at me and the other towards the muzzle.  It’s interesting to see both at once. Here’s the result, I wonder if I’m onto something? Gun Cam live […]

How to Make a Basic MOSFET Switch

I sometimes get asked about basic (non-computerized) MOSFET switches. Here is how to make a basic one. If you have at least basic soldering and electronic skills, you should be able to put one together without too much trouble.

A Case for Using .12g BBs in Close Quarters

Many people transition to sidearms when getting into close quarters, since most guns nowadays shoot pretty hot. Now, other people bring up the fact that doing it for safety’s sake is a little weird since modern gas pistols actually shoot at least as hard as most electric rifles nowadays. We all know that .12g BBs […]

The IZSC (Internet Zombie Shooting Competition)

Over at Airsoft Canada (and now also Arnie’s Airsoft forums) I had – in the Halloween spirit – started the first annual IZSC (Internet Zombie Shooting Competition)! I think it was a fun success. Here’s how it worked. If you have an Airsoft pistol, a printer, and somewhere to safely shoot, you are ready!

Simple Muzzle Flash Mod for AEGs

A high-power LED (and not much else!) is used in this project to provide a muzzle-flash effect for an electric Airsoft gun.  It’s an extremely simple mod that can add a dramatic effect to firing, especially in darkened or indoor areas. This is an experimental project; it is very simple but like any project found […]

Simulated 30 Round Magazines

A Trigger Master is modded to fire only 30 rounds from a magazine before requiring a mag change to “reload”. With this mod, a couple highcaps can simulate an endless number of 30-round magazines! As an added feature, the gun will not fire unless a mag is inserted, and tactical reloads (reloading before a mag […]

Simulated AEG Jamming

This is just for fun – I simulated AEG Jamming by installing a switch and modifying the programming in a Trigger Master.

Tutorial: How to Develop for the Trigger Master

The Trigger Master is not just for giving your AEG 3-round bursts! It does a lot more than that under the hood, and it’s capable of even more. It’s a fully computer controlled electronic fire control system for your AEG which has capabilities miles beyond the dumb switch your gun comes with. This tutorial will […]