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Airsoft Projects

Trigger Master AEG Fire Control Units – Now Available!

NOTE: This page refers to Trigger Masters sold before September 15th, 2008. For units purchased after that date, visit the Products and Support page or the Online Store. Buy Now at the Unconventional-Airsoft Store! 100% assembled and serviced in Canada. Custom programming for custom features available. We ship internationally! The Trigger Master is the best […]

Tracer Unit built into Magazine

This simple DIY solution to illuminating tracer BBs works great and uses very few parts, but does require some careful cutting and fitting. Everything is contained inside a locap magazine – no modifications are made to the gun whatsoever. The magazine can turn the tracer effect on or off at will, so you can fire […]

Harmless Tripwire Mines

Made entirely from parts found in the 1$ store, these use a very small toy-grade explosive to make a nice loud BANG!

Shootable “Simon” Game

Stealth-Action Laser Tripwire System

This is a companion project to the Stealth-Action Motion Sensor. It’s Hollywood-style security systems. With these, you can make your very own security system that gives intruders a sporting chance! It’s the laser-version of saying “But before I kill you, Mister Bond…”

Stealth-Action Motion Sensor System

Have you ever watched a spy film, or played a stealth-action video game (like Metal Gear Solid) where the hero deftly bypasses the high-tech alarm system? Well, this system is just like that – gives the intruder a sporting chance. (And it’s even shootable if you add some parts.)

Modifying an APS2 to take G3 Magazines

The APS2 is a great bolt-action Airsoft rifle with 25 round magazines that fit in the forward part of the stock. I attempted to make a conversion for the APS2 to accept G3 magazines. This would allow the APS2 to essentially use a Hi-cap magazine (although it was still a bolt-action, of course).

SG/5F GBB Assault Rifle

The SG/5F gun is a custom-made Gas-blowback assault rifle. It doesn’t exist in real life, but at least it’s made completely from H&K Parts.

How To Make A Hiflow Valve

I read about converting a regular gas valve into a hiflow valve on a discussion board and decided to try it out. All you need is a normal valve (such as from an unmodified magazine) and a file.

An Automated Motion-Sensing Airsoft Gun Turret

This little beastie is one step closer to a robotic Airsoft player. It’s an automated gun turret.I made it mostly because I could, but also for use in CQBs (indoors would be best) where it could be placed on guard around corners, etc. It could also be used as a booby trap. Since it’s so […]