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Reviews of guns and equipment

WingOne Clay Pigeon Hand Thrower Is Worth Every Cent

When I first came across the WingOne hand thrower for clay pigeons I was interested, but it cost 3-4x the cost of the hand thrower I already owned.  It took trying one out personally for me to finally buy one – and my only regret is that I didn’t buy one earlier. Check out the […]

Hearing Protection News from SHOT

While I was at SHOT I had a nice chat with a few places regarding hearing protection. There did not seem to be much that was entirely new, but I got some interesting insight into what seems like the best (and also the most expensive) option for hearing impaired shooters who cannot afford to become […]

Action Shooting and Hearing Protection for the Hearing Impaired

I am severely hearing impaired and without my high-powered hearing aids, I am nearly deaf.  This caused me some problems when I got into 3-gun this past year because a big part of action shooting is being able to hear not only the start beep but also range commands.  (And yes, in case you are […]

SIRT AR bolt quick review; and SIRT training pistol not allowed into Canada

Always interested in how I could better train indoors, I attempted to order the SIRT AR Bolt and SIRT pistol from Next Level Training.  Unfortunately I was deeply disappointed to learn that CBSA is not allowing the SIRT pistol into Canada.  However, I was able to purchase a SIRT AR Bolt. The unit installs into […]

BAM Airsoft Targets are the Bee’s Knees

Some time ago I ordered a variety of poppers from BAM Airsoft.  Their targets were to replace the Mad Bull poppers we were using, which were getting extremely beat up.  The thin aluminium just couldn’t hold up to the use it was seeing from us. “Built like a tank” comes to mind.  They were a […]

Airsoft Innovations Distraction Device Kit Review (Add-on for the TORNADO Gas Grenade)

Airsoft Innovations has released a new product since we reviewed the TORNADO gas grenade. The new product is the Distraction Device Kit, which is an add-on to the TORNADO. It can be purchased online from Airsoft Innovations’ store at

Airsoft Innovations TORNADO Gas Grenade Review

For some time prior to its release, Airsoft Innovations has held people’s attention with news and videos of their upcoming TORNADO gas grenade. Now the wait is over, and if you want to know how it fares in tests and in the field, you’re at the right place!

G&P Gas-Blowback Dragunov SVD Review

This is a review of the Gas-Blowback SVD Airsoft sniper rifle made by G&P. It’s an interesting and unique piece of equipment, and I’ll go over all there is to know about this interesting rifle.

Airsoft Innovations Propane Adapter Review

This is a review of the adapter sold by Airsoft Innovations. It is a special made custom adapter that mates to any industry standard portable propane cylinder to allow you to fill GBB magazines with propane. It even has a couple useful little additional features. Disclosure: I would like to disclose up front that I […]

AtoZ Dragunov SVD Review

AtoZ Cargo is a Korean outfit making Dragunovs. They are spring powered rifles (like spring cocked bolt-actions), and their site has both the original and modernized SVDs listed. These rifles are also known under the “King Arms” brand.