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Reviews of guns and equipment

Glock 18C High Power Kit Installation and Review

Got one of these? Want to keep it looking just like this? Then you should probably navigate away from this page. Otherwise, if you’re truly determined – then click onwards for the upgrade kit guide and review.


This is a review of KSC’s GBB version of the Heckler & Koch Mark 23 “SOCOM”, and will detail my likes, dislikes, and the unique bits of this interesting pistol.

KSC M11A1 Review Add-On

First of all, I will not be reviewing this piece in the normal way. It’s a popular and oft-reviewed gun and I don’t need to repeat what’s already out there. Instead, I’ll focus on information to be taken in addition to the rest of the reviews out there. This article gets into issues that don’t […]

KWA/KSC Glock 18C Review and Technical Info

A full and honest review of my first GBB – the KWA Glock 18C with upgraded metal slide.

Tokyo Marui Mark23 SOCOM NBB Review

This is a review of TM’s new and somewhat unusual addition to the range of Mark 23’s out there. The package consists of: A carrying case, the gun, a suppressor, and a LAM unit. Not a bad little package! But how does it measure up and perform?

KWC Desert Eagle Review

Bought it, shot it, and what I think about it.