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Airsoft Game Scenarios and Game concepts

Steel Challenge with Airguns

Now that the winter is rolled in, it’s time to move indoors. IPSC or IDPA with airsoft indoors is a great way to keep shooting if the weather is terrible, but setting up stages can be a bit of a hassle. Consider running a Steel Challenge instead! Steel Challenge, if you haven’t heard of it, […]

BAM Airsoft Targets are the Bee’s Knees

Some time ago I ordered a variety of poppers from BAM Airsoft.  Their targets were to replace the Mad Bull poppers we were using, which were getting extremely beat up.  The thin aluminium just couldn’t hold up to the use it was seeing from us. “Built like a tank” comes to mind.  They were a […]

Zombie Night in Alberta – Done!

Thanks to everyone who came down and had fun at Zombie Night in Alberta! The results of the game are here, along with some pictures. And for anyone out there who is interested in the rules we used, here they are!

Zombie Night in Alberta – June 27 2009

I am organizing a game this summer season in Alberta, Canada! After some years of organizing and running games, I am actually running a non-milsim! Even if you’re not able to make it, you might be interested in the rules which I will post here in the Game Scenarios area along with some comments on […]

The RFID Skull (or: How to Play HALO Multiplayer in Real Life)

Here is a link to The RFID Skull Project, which is a custom made skull that lets you play an Airsoft version of HALO’s multiplayer game “Oddball”.  Players compete to possess the skull, which identifies the player holding it via an RFID tag.  The Skull tracks how long it is held (players drop it once […]

The IZSC (Internet Zombie Shooting Competition)

Over at Airsoft Canada (and now also Arnie’s Airsoft forums) I had – in the Halloween spirit – started the first annual IZSC (Internet Zombie Shooting Competition)! I think it was a fun success. Here’s how it worked. If you have an Airsoft pistol, a printer, and somewhere to safely shoot, you are ready!

Tutorial: How to Develop for the Trigger Master

The Trigger Master is not just for giving your AEG 3-round bursts! It does a lot more than that under the hood, and it’s capable of even more. It’s a fully computer controlled electronic fire control system for your AEG which has capabilities miles beyond the dumb switch your gun comes with. This tutorial will […]

The Chart Game (or, the Minimum Maintenance Objective-Based Game)

This is a method of running an enjoyable game for two even-numbered teams that allows for dynamic and emergent play, but requires very little (if any) administration or refereeing. I try many different things with our group, and this one is definitely a success.

Alternative to Medic Rules – Simple Wound System

This is kind of fun. It doesn’t work for EVERYTHING, but it can spice up the right game. The idea is that the medic is usually a referee or a game admin. They carry a medic bag containing various tape, bandages, and disposable earplugs. Players that are “hit” receive medical attention in the form of […]

We’ve Created A Monster Game Scenario

The play area is a Lab Complex in which an effort to create a super-soldier has gone horribly wrong and has instead CREATED A MONSTER.One player is THE MONSTER. The other players are the lab’s SECURITY FORCES, or INSANE SCIENTISTS who have armed themselves by looting the weapons cache.