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Tips and Useful Tidbits

New use for the Clay Clip: Zombie Heads

Just a quick couple pics showing how mixing and matching target stuff at the range can be fun. I was using some paper grocery bags cut up as as silhouette targets (see here for a good YouTube video showing how) and I realized I could use a couple Clay Clips to hang clay pigeons as […]

Version 3 mechbox anti-lockup tip

I just got finished with addressing an issue I think is worth sharing. As many of you probably know, “lock-up” is a risk with Version 3 gearboxes firing in semi-auto. What is Lock-Up? Every now and then, if you are firing in semi-auto with a version 3 gearbox you might get what is called “lockup”. […]

Dual-trigger Trigger Master wiring

I have recently been asked about using the Trigger Master to implement a “dual trigger” system, such as could be used in a custom trigger setup to get functionality similar to a P90 (where pulling the trigger shoots in SEMI, and pulling it further back fires in FULL) or an MG34 (where the top part […]

Airsoft Fortune Cookies

Rumors, Tips, and More can be had from the Airsoft Fortune Cookie. Here is a collection of them.