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Articles related to the Trigger Master AEG Fire control computer

MOSFET and Store Announcement

All MOSFET units are sold out, and I am working on another job that leaves me no time to continue producing MOSFET units as before, so I do not have a scheduled re-stock.  I have had a tremendous time developing and producing hundreds of MOSFET units for players all around the world, thank you all […]

Alternate Ordering for Trigger Master MOSFET units!

Want one of our MOSFET units but we’re out of stock and you can’t wait? Good news!  Go HERE for instructions on how to order one of my units as a special order from someone who really knows their stuff!

Trigger Master MOSFET price change, and new option!

Sadly, due to the continued price rise of parts, there is no choice but to increase the price of the Trigger Master computerized MOSFET. This increase was announced March 8 2010 and went into effect today, March 31. Prices of several key parts have actually been up for some time now — the MOSFET units […]

Trigger Master Mark III price increase on Mar 31, 2010 :(

Sadly, due to the continued price rise of parts used in making the Trigger Master Mark III MOSFET unit, the price will soon be going up by $5 (from 80 to 85 USD.) This increase will be effective March 31, 2010. Prices of several key parts have actually been up for some time now, so […]

Version 3 mechbox anti-lockup tip

I just got finished with addressing an issue I think is worth sharing. As many of you probably know, “lock-up” is a risk with Version 3 gearboxes firing in semi-auto. What is Lock-Up? Every now and then, if you are firing in semi-auto with a version 3 gearbox you might get what is called “lockup”. […]

Dual-trigger Trigger Master wiring

I have recently been asked about using the Trigger Master to implement a “dual trigger” system, such as could be used in a custom trigger setup to get functionality similar to a P90 (where pulling the trigger shoots in SEMI, and pulling it further back fires in FULL) or an MG34 (where the top part […]

Simple Muzzle Flash Mod for AEGs

A high-power LED (and not much else!) is used in this project to provide a muzzle-flash effect for an electric Airsoft gun.  It’s an extremely simple mod that can add a dramatic effect to firing, especially in darkened or indoor areas. This is an experimental project; it is very simple but like any project found […]

Simulated 30 Round Magazines

A Trigger Master is modded to fire only 30 rounds from a magazine before requiring a mag change to “reload”. With this mod, a couple highcaps can simulate an endless number of 30-round magazines! As an added feature, the gun will not fire unless a mag is inserted, and tactical reloads (reloading before a mag […]

Some Trigger Master Advanced Configuration Tricks

Two things are demonstrated here: using the Trigger Master to reduce RoF (motor speed), and make 2-round bursts (instead of the default 3-round burst).

Simulated AEG Jamming

This is just for fun – I simulated AEG Jamming by installing a switch and modifying the programming in a Trigger Master.