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Steel Challenge with Airguns

Now that the winter is rolled in, it’s time to move indoors. IPSC or IDPA with airsoft indoors is a great way to keep shooting if the weather is terrible, but setting up stages can be a bit of a hassle.

Consider running a Steel Challenge instead! Steel Challenge, if you haven’t heard of it, requires only 5 targets including one stop plate. The typical airsoft stop plate and timer is all you need (except for 4 other plates.)

I got into Steel Challenge this past year and instantly enjoyed it.  I fire a Glock 17.  Of course, I immediately wanted to try to scale it down and move it indoors with airguns.

Steel Challenge is simple and straightforward and tests two things, and two things only: Speed and Accuracy.

Here’s how it works:

  1. At the start beep, the shooter shoots each target once.  The stop plate is engaged last.
  2. If one or more plates is not hit, that’s +5 seconds per plate not hit.  If the STOP plate is not hit, your score is 30 seconds.
  3. You do this 5 times.  The worst time out of the five is thrown out.
  4. The remaining times are added up.  This is your score.

That’s it.  It’s about as simple as can be for setup and management.  Minimal equipment.  All firing is in the same direction so easy cleanup.  Give it a try!  Google “Steel Challenge” for the official details and stages, or make your own up.  You’ll probably like it.

SIRT AR bolt quick review; and SIRT training pistol not allowed into Canada

Always interested in how I could better train indoors, I attempted to order the SIRT AR Bolt and SIRT pistol from Next Level Training.  Unfortunately I was deeply disappointed to learn that CBSA is not allowing the SIRT pistol into Canada.  However, I was able to purchase a SIRT AR Bolt.

The unit installs into an AR upper by completely replacing the BCG.  I had a bit of trouble installing it, but it got done.  I had no trouble zeroing it.  The trigger linkage parts (which allow the actual trigger in your AR to trigger the laser in the unit) is a little weird and a bit clunky, but works.  The trigger feels good and it resets well when “firing”.

I found it most useful for training target transitions, especially practising compensating for sight offset at close ranges.  Obviously with no recoil the possibilities are not endless, but the trigger reset and feedback on where the shot would actually land is miles better than just dry firing.

It’s a pity I can’t get my hands on a SIRT Pistol; I’m sure I’d get good use out of one.

BAM Airsoft Targets are the Bee’s Knees

Some time ago I ordered a variety of poppers from BAM Airsoft.  Their targets were to replace the Mad Bull poppers we were using, which were getting extremely beat up.  The thin aluminium just couldn’t hold up to the use it was seeing from us.

“Built like a tank” comes to mind.  They were a great buy, though you need to build your own stands from 1-1/4″ PVC pipe.  (Hint, look for it in the WIRING and electrical section – not plumbing.  It is not a plumbing size.)

MOSFET and Store Announcement

All MOSFET units are sold out, and I am working on another job that leaves me no time to continue producing MOSFET units as before, so I do not have a scheduled re-stock.  I have had a tremendous time developing and producing hundreds of MOSFET units for players all around the world, thank you all for your interest and willingness to take your equipment to the next level!  But my ability to supply units has come to an end for now.

But you can still buy the Trigger Master MOSFET with all the features you have come to know!

From now on until announced otherwise, if you’d like a Trigger Master MOSFET unit, please follow these directions to order from either or from 3Oneairsoft:

Go to and order a CHEETAH-2N and have them put my program/features on it as a special order. Terry is the owner of extreme-fire and we know each other; they have a copy of my program and can do it as a special order for you!(Alternately you can also email Mike at – he will also do a special order for you!)

(Terry designed the original electronics used in the Trigger Master: my units are made here in Canada and have different features, but we both use the same hardware. I can’t fill your order right now but Terry can by special request, so I’m sending you to him!)

If you’d like to ask anything about it first, here is their contact page.

So if you want to order from them as a special order:

  1. Go here for the product – this is what you want:
  2. VERY IMPORTANT!! Put a note to Terry (the guy who runs the site) on your order form – ask him to put Don’s “Trigger Master” program on the CPU instead as a special order. Terry will help you out.

You will get a MOSFET unit that is made by Terry but has the Trigger Master’s features. Terry can do this no problem as a special order as long as you ask for it.

Thank you and play safe!

Alternate Ordering for Trigger Master MOSFET units!

Want one of our MOSFET units but we’re out of stock and you can’t wait?

Good news!  Go HERE for instructions on how to order one of my units as a special order from someone who really knows their stuff!

Anti-lockup Forward Assist unit now available!

It’s out! Check it out online!

New Anti-Lockup Unit coming soon!

When in semi-auto, we have all encountered the dreaded “semi lockup” problem. This happens when the firing cycle and gears are JUST in the wrong place after a shot, and the trigger is disabled — locked out.

It is fixed by putting the gun into AUTO and pulling the trigger briefly. But if your gun is locked in semi-auto or full auto is disabled, you’re kind of shafted. 🙁

Luckily the new Anti-Lockup Unit is an economical and effective means of fixing this! It works just like a forward assist – it “bumps” the motor and gears JUST ENOUGH to get past any lockup and instantly fix the problem. It does not otherwise interfere with the firing, and cannot be used to fire in fullauto.

It is compatible with stock-wired AEGs or MOSFET-enabled AEGs!

Coming soon! Stay tuned!

New product announcements!

Whoa! Check it all out! Not in stock at the moment, but ETA is mid to late May 2010!

Plug-and-Play MOSFET Add-ons:
Magazine Sensor Unit Kit
Sniper Lock-in Unit

and a new form factor for the Trigger Master Mark III:
Trigger Master Mark III “Flat” MOSFET

New product in the store!

There is a new category: Other Stuff!

We now carry some simple Paracord Bracelet kits! Every kit comes with everything you need, including detailed instructions with lots of pictures. Only 5$ each!

Trigger Master MOSFET price change, and new option!

Sadly, due to the continued price rise of parts, there is no choice but to increase the price of the Trigger Master computerized MOSFET. This increase was announced March 8 2010 and went into effect today, March 31. Prices of several key parts have actually been up for some time now — the MOSFET units just plain cost more to build (and have for a while now.)

BUT there are two additional options now to help offset this increase! Can you download a couple PDF files? Then why not save a couple bucks, and download and print your own manuals instead?

You can now order the Trigger Master MOSFET in a “print your own manuals” version. The product is exactly the same – but it just doesn’t have a printed product label and manual booklet included.

We don’t have to print anything (you download the manual and reference sheet instead) and you can save a couple bucks in return!

Click here for the Trigger Master MOSFET unit (full retail package with printed manual)
Click here for the Trigger Master MOSFET in a $$-saving “download and print your own manual” version!

Also a NEW wire and connector bundle is now available as well. It swaps the Dean’s style connector for some spade connector pairs instead – allowing you to make semi-permanent (and small) connections between wires if you need to (Dean’s style plugs are still available separately of course.) It is also cheaper – so order the print-your-own manuals version of the Trigger Master along with the new wire and connector kit and save!