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Shipping delay (postal services unavailable) – resumes today

Since yesterday the electronic postal services we use for shipping orders from the online store have been unavailable, with no word on when it will be back up.

Well, we will shipping will resume today — even if we have to hand-letter and address every order!

Trigger Master Mark III price increase on Mar 31, 2010 :(

Sadly, due to the continued price rise of parts used in making the Trigger Master Mark III MOSFET unit, the price will soon be going up by $5 (from 80 to 85 USD.) This increase will be effective March 31, 2010.

Prices of several key parts have actually been up for some time now, so the MOSFET units just plain cost more to build and have for a while now. Unfortunately the time has finally come for that to be reflected in the selling price… but not until the end of the month, so order before then for the best price!

Trigger Master MOSFET units back in stock!

We’re good to go and shipping orders! Thanks for all your support!

Trigger Master MOSFET is out of stock

The Trigger Master computerized MOSFET unit is out of stock.

ETA for more to be ready is about 1 week (should have more by end of January 2010).

Simple MOSFET Unit (SMU) Released!

We are proud to unveil the SMU!

It’s the perfect answer to anyone who wants the advantages of high-quality MOSFET driving for their guns but doesn’t need any of the extra features found in our high-end computerized Trigger Master MOSFET units!

New webstore working out well, so phasing it in

The new webstore has had several behind-the-scenes changes made to it, everything seems shipshape so the new store is being moved in more. Soon the old one-product-only store will be entirely replaced!

Also, some new products are on their way – I’ve been busy!

Contact forms not working – working on it!

The contact forms stopped working after a server move, sorry about that! I am working on it now and will let you all know as soon as it’s up!

EDIT: It’s all back up and running. Sorry for any hassle!

New and improved wire in the store!

New and improved wire is here in the Trigger Master MOSFET store!

The old wire was good stuff, but this new stuff is even better in every way! And best of all, it’s for the same price when you buy a wire and connector bundle or the motor/battery wire separately. (The trigger wire is improved too, but it went up in price a very small amount from 1$ to 1.25$)

Motor/Battery wire is still 16 gauge to ensure it can handle any gun’s power. But now it is also:

  • 0.23mm thinner (from 1.96mm to 1.73mm)
  • Teflon jacketed on the outside (thin and tough)
  • Silver-coated conductors inside
  • MIL-W-16878/4 rated (600V, 200 degrees celsius)

In short the new wire holds its shape better, has a tougher (and thinner) coating, and is easier to insert into the Trigger Master MOSFET‘s screw terminals! And it’s the same price!

The trigger wire is now MIL-W-16878E and about 50% thinner than before with no loss in performance!

Now that you know the scoop, check out the store!

Holiday Orders are shipping!

Hope you had (and are having) a good holiday break! Trigger Master MOSFET orders placed during the holidays are being shipped. It may take a few days to catch up completely but if you ordered over the holidays you will get a shipping notice soon. Thank you and Happy New Year!

We’re (partially) closing for the Holidays!

The online store (old store is here) will still accept orders. Any orders placed will ship after New Year’s at the latest.

Normal order processing will resume after New Year’s (January 1, 2010). Orders will still be processed in the meantime, just not as quickly as usual while we take a Christmas break!

Happy Holidays!